LUNETTES DE SOLEIL pour femmes boutique en ligne au Québec lunette soleil femmes


UGS : NHVM446007 Catégories : , ,


Product details:

Glasses style: Box

Applicable scene: Sun protection, fishing, traveling, outdoor sports, cycling, fashion wear, driving, stage performances, party gatherings

Glasses structure: Full frame

For people: Ladies, Men, Universal, Adults

Whether polarized: no

Transmittance classification: Category 1/Light Sunglasses

Lens material: AC

Anti-UV grade: UV400

Frame material: PC

OEM: Can

Accessories: Rice nails

Suitable for face shape: Round face, long face, square face, oval face, small face, big face

popular elements: Star same style, candy color, dual-use for far and near, macaron color, internet celebrity hot style, little red book hot style, ins style, live broadcast hot style

Category: Sunglasses

style: Japanese and Korean, retro, fashion, personality, hip-hop, punk style, Hong Kong style, literature and art, Europe and America, ins style

Print logo: Can

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